A Good Cause Brings Out Good People : White House On Fire Benefit Concert

A 5-minute conversation leads to new friends and a donated art piece for White House On Fire

Please meet our new friends at Rough River Metal Works.

After about a 5-minute meeting, these fine folks end our conversation with “Can we donate this to your event for auction?”

On a hot muggy night in Bowling Green, KY, White House On Fire co producer, Brian Bayley and #whof2019 featured artist, Kid Kentucky, were perusing the booths along vendor row while checking out Puddle Of Mudd, Saliva, Trapt, Tantric, and more at the Vette City Motorcycle Festival. Upon spotting the fantastic work on display at the Rough River Metal Works booth, Bayley noticed the Maltese cross piece among the vast outlay of these folks’ incredible work.

Bayley asked Suiters (aka Kid Kentucky), about snapping a pic with the piece in commemoration of the upcoming benefit concert for the White House, TN Volunteer Fire Dept. Suiters in his usual manner of continual photo request bombardments (in which he always replies, “yes, I get that a lot, no I’m not the real Kid Rock.”), answers an amicable “of course” to the request.

Upon approaching the vendor booth Suiters, poses the question will he mind us taking a picture to which Bayley replies, “I don’t know, let’s ask him.” As the two meander their way up to the vendor and shake hands Bayley and Suiters begin explaining the benefit concert taking place a few weeks away, on Oct. 5. And as good people do, the gentleman looks at us a little weird for wanting to take a picture with the Fire Dept. piece but agrees in kind, “sure, no problem at all.”

As the smart phone clicks begin to take place, everyone starts conversing a little further, trading information, shaking hands and making acquaintances. Then out of the blue during all of the niceties, the craftsman himself, asks, “May we donate this for auction?”

In pure amazement, Bayley, Suiters and Mrs. Suiters standing nearby, are in complete disbelief that this complete stranger of 5 minutes ago, now freely offers his time, money, effort and craft in support of the White House On Fire cause, lending a helping hand in raising funds for the fire dept.

And while this written description doesn’t portray the level of kindness, and the astonishment as a result of the offer, we do hope it inspires others to be kind, give when they can, and just make the planet an overall better place to be.

And with a handshake and a heartfelt thank you, the quick crossing of paths ended with someone helping another make a great cause even better. Hopefully once posted on Facebook, we can hear a bit more about the inspiration for the craftsman to make a Fire Fighters badge, and hopefully see them in person at a White House On Fire fest in the future!

Check out this amazing work of custom cut metal machined plates mounted on barrel lids! Follow them on Facebook @TammyTipton1968

This item will be up for bid at White House On Fire 2019: Until then, please send your bid and your contact details to whofrc@gmail.com : Subject Title, Fire Dept. Metal Plaque Bid


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